Wednesday, October 21, 2015

UK spends 0.7% of national income on foreign aid - highest rate among developed countries

According to  The Economist , since 2010, the UK's aid budget has risen by 40% and reached $19 billion. Only America disburses more - $33 billion, what represents just  0.2% of its gross national income. About 62% of UK Department for International Development (DFID) spending now goes to multilateral organisations, up from 56% in 2009. 
A higher proportion of bilateral aid is now provided in response to crises. In 2013, spending on humanitarian assistance grew by 87%. This year, for example,   Britain has given over twice as much aid as Germany has to Syria. At the same time, Britain is regarded as a rather demanding partner. Since 2010 UK has closed its bilateral programmes in 16 countries, including China and Serbia, concentrating on just 28 countries what allows it to have greater impact. Read more at