Friday, October 23, 2015

EU is on track to beat 2020 emissions target

Climate Commissioner Miguel Cañete launched a report by the European Environment Agency, which predicted that if no additional measures were taken, the EU would beat its 20% 2020 goal, slashing emissions by 24%. Transport was the only sector which had increased its emissions by 19%, over the 1990 to 2013 period. The report also warned that Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg and Austria would miss the 2020 target. 
Cañete said that any move to increase EU target from 20% to 30% will only be considered if matched by developed countries at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. The 40% greenhouse gas emission reduction commitment is the cornerstone of the EU's negotiating position at the UN Climate Change Conference, which aims to secure a worldwide agreement to cap global warming to two degrees above pre-industrial levels.  Read more at