Friday, October 2, 2015

Foods with the biggest carbon footprint

According to the report published by two American research organizations and called the "Meat Eater's Guide to climate change + health", meats are among most carbon intensive foods. Lamb is a leader with 39.2 kg CO2 per kilogram, what is equivalent to  driving about 90 miles on the car with average gas mileage.
In top ten foods with the biggest carbon footprint we also find  beef - 27 kg CO2, cheese - 13.5 kg CO2, pork - 12.1 kg CO2, farmed salmon - 11.9 kg CO2, chicken - 6.9 kg CO2. Potatoes with 2.9 kg CO2 per kilogram is the only vegetable among top ten most greenhouse gas emitting foods. Research was based on life cycle assessments of greenhouse gas  emissions for each major process, from the production and application of fertilizers, pesticides and other materials used to grow crops through to the processing, transportation and disposal of unused food at the retail, institutional and household level.