Monday, October 26, 2015

Newly elected Canadian leader Justin Trudeau faces a tough task meeting climate protection expectations

According to CBC environmental journalist Étienne Leblanc, "over the last ten years Canada has developed a very bad reputation as a country that doesn’t care about climate change and lets companies pollute as much as they like, and Justin Trudeau’s main challenge in Paris will be to restore Canada’s reputation on the world stage.” Trudeau has less than 40 days before the Paris conference begins to forge a common position with Canada's provinces on carbon emissions cuts. 
Trudeau’s Conservative predecessor Stephen Harper, who led Canada for nearly ten years, was an ardent champion of fossil fuel extraction and firmly believed that economic growth and green energy were incompatible. Canada under Harper became the first country to pull out of the landmark Kyoto Protocol in 2011, inflicting lasting damage on relations with traditional allies in Europe among others.   Read more at