Thursday, June 17, 2021

Current NDCs submission status under the Paris Agreement

Under the Paris Agreement, Parties must  submit  Nationally  Determined  Contributions  (NDCs)  to  the UNFCCC and  to introduce policies  aiming the achievement of their stated objectives. The first round of  NDCs,  submitted  by  191 countries,  covers  more  than  90%  of  global  energy‐related  and  industrial  process  CO2  emissions.

As  of  23  April  2021,  80 countries  have  submitted  new  or  updated  NDCs  to  the  UNFCCC,  covering  just  over  40%  of  global  CO2  emissions. 

Still, just a few percent of the global net zero emission targets currently are supported by law (see figure below).

Source: IEA, 2021