Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The launch of the world’s first large-scale tidal energy farm in Scotland

The initial phase of MeyGen tidal wave project was launched in Scotland in September. Four tidal wave turbines will be installed underwater simultaneously. The turbine is about 15 metres tall (49ft), with 16 metres blades diameter, and weighing in at almost 200 tonnes, each will produce 1.5 megawatts electricity.
The company aims to had 269 turbines installed at the world’s First Tidal Power Farm by 2020, and bring its fullest capacity to 398 megawatts, which is enough electricity to power 175,000 homes.
MeyGen project is a joint venture between the giant US investment bank Morgan Stanley, the French-owned energy firm International Power and the Australian turbine manufacturer Atlantis Resources Corporation.
Scotland reached an impressive 7.8 GWh of renewable electricity, or 57.4 percent of total electricity consumption. Read more at https://technocrot.com