Monday, June 8, 2015

Renewable power can help more than half of rural Pakistanis, who still do not have access to electricity

According to  International Energy Agency, 38 % of all Pakistani population and 54% of the rural population (97 million)    currently have no access to electricity, forcing them to live a sub-standard life of poverty and social inequity. Renewable energy is a potential resource that can be tapped immediately to overcome the current energy crises and warrants energy security.
Renewable energy potential in the Pakistan is huge. For example, unused hydro power potential is about 60 000 MW, solar energy potential -  2.9 million MW, wind power potential - 300,000 MW.  In addition to the sources mentioned before, Pakistan is also reach of other renewables, like biogas and biofuels, geothermal and tidal. The key challenge for the government is to give confidence to investors, developers, manufacturers, lenders and other players to exploit the Pakistani renewable energy market. Read more at