Friday, June 10, 2016

EU debates about energy efficiency target are ranging between 27% and 40%

The European Commission is studying a range of options for the revision of the 2030 energy efficiency target, from the current 27% target to the European Parliament’s preferred goal of 40%. The Commission’s own analysis shows that the higher the target, the better the results for jobs, energy security and economic turnover.
At the same time another related debate is about the EU’s cost-effective energy efficiency potential. Earlier, very conservative estimates for the cost / savings crossover point was about 27%, when comparing all costs with just one benefit - fossil fuel import savings and assuming extremely high interest rate. However, new methodology, which takes into account benefits more properly, shows that the cost / benefit crossover point is around 35%, even not including huge benefits from improved living standards, new jobs, increased energy security and emissions cuts. Achieving 40% efficiency improvement target could cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 and help keep us in line with the Paris Agreement commitments. Read more at