Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tidal power - next big thing among renewables?

May be, if the tide industry continues at its current rate of development. According to GE Reports, in Scotland, for example, a major project was announced for the Pentland Firth, which will see more than 60 turbines submerged on the seabed by 2020. They should generate enough energy to power 42,000 homes. The first phase of the project will consist of four turbines over the next two years, each generating 1.2 MW.
Tidal power is a reliable form of energy, because the tide is cyclic as opposed to being weather dependent like solar and wind. Its output can be predicted and anticipated. Also, it’s limitless and out-of-sight, as it relies on machinery that lies underwater, unlike the more conspicuous wind turbines and fields of solar cells. Read more at https://gereports.ca