Thursday, May 28, 2015

California and Peru provide free solar panels to their poorest residents

The first California resident, who is a disabled man,  received a free rooftop solar system. If it performs as expected, the 2.5 kW solar electric system will save  $818 in the first year and $22,800 over its 30-year lifetime.
 The Oakland-based non-profit GRID Alternatives plans to give 1,600 free solar panels to California’s poorest residents by 2016, thanks to recently introduced legislation in largest U.S. state. Read more at
Some countries need to utilize green energy not for an alternative, but on necessity. One such country is Peru - only 66 percent of Peru’s 24 million people have access to electricity. To resolve a problem country is giving 2 million of its poorest residents electricity for free with solar panels. Peru's  National Photovoltaic Household Electrification Program was initiated in 2013. Under the first phase of the Program  1,601 solar panels were installed in the Contumaza province, what is enough to power 126 communities.  The second phase involved 12,500 PV systems to provide 500,000 households — about 2 million people — with free electricity. The overall cost was $200 million. Read more at