Friday, September 30, 2016

Taking a bus for commute is 30 times safer than driving a car!

This finding comes from a new study by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). Travel by public transportation is far safer than car travel. Intercity and commuter passengers have about one-20th, urban rail and bus passengers about one-30th, per billion passenger-miles as car travel. Public transit-oriented communities have less than a fifth the total (pedestrian, cyclist, automobile and transit passenger) per capita traffic fatality rates as in automobile-dependent communities.
Two factors help explain these large safety impacts. First, many factors that increase public transportation use, such as good walking and cycling conditions, and compact development, also tend to increase traffic safety. Second, higher-risk groups, including youths, seniors, alcohol drinkers and compulsive texters, are more likely to reduce their driving if alternatives, such as public transit, are convenient and attractive.
The report identifies new safety strategies that are currently overlooked in most  traffic safety planning, which also can provide many benefits besides safety. including lower fuel use and carbon emission reduction.