Friday, September 9, 2016

Ancient civilizations that were destroyed by climate change

This isn't the first time climate change has threatened civilisation. Many scientists speculate that devastating environmental changes caused by climate change are largely to blame for disappearance some famous past civilisations. The decline in Ancestral Puebloans, who suddenly abandoned their distinctive homes in the Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon villages, located on Colorado Plateau, "coincided with a prolonged drought in the San Juan Basin between 1130 and 1180. Lack of rainfall combined with an overtaxed environment may have led to food shortages". 
Angkor Wat was once the world's largest pre-industrial urban center of the powerful Khmer Empire (ancient Cambodia), but it was destroyed by ecological over-exploitation and a devastating water crisis caused by severe climatic fluctuations.
Norse Viking settlers of Greenland, Indus Valley civilisation of present day Pakistan and Maya civilisation of ancient Mexico are among other famous civilisations suffered from climate change. Read more at