Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mexico’s solar and wind sectors have experienced triple-digit growth rates over the last 10 years

The country will require an additional 22 gigawatts of power generation in the next ten years and its government is set on transforming the country’s power mix in order to reach the goal of generating 35 percent of total electricity from clean sources by 2025. 
The combination of high energy prices and the decrease in the cost of new solar and wind systems has allowed Mexico to become one of the few countries to have reached grid parity in wind and solar power. Mexico is one of the most attractive markets for renewable power generation and the first sizeable market in which the development of renewable projects is not dependent on special feed-in tariffs, tax credits or other subsidies.  
The streamlining and simplification of the permitting process for new generation projects and the creation of a wholesale electricity market along with the creation of a new system of tradable clean energy certificates, are expected to further support the development of new renewable generation projects. Read more at http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/