Friday, August 7, 2015

Facebook and Apple want to be powered by renewable energy

Both companies invest heavily in renewable energy to cut costs. Facebook says that its new data center in Fort Worth, Texas, like the Iowa one, will run on 100 percent renewable energy, powered by wind turbines only 90 miles away.
 The company’s stacks of servers will be cooled using natural air, mitigating the need for air conditioning units and cutting data center’s GHG emissions.  According to The New York Times, data centers worldwide run an estimated 30 billion watts, or the output of 30 nuclear power plants, each year.
Another IT giant,  Apple Inc will buy  solar electricity from a new  First Solar Inc  plant farm to cut its energy bill through a fixed price for the renewable energy. Apple will receive electricity from 130 megawatts of capacity under a 25-year purchase agreement, the largest in the industry to provide clean energy to a commercial end user.