Sunday, January 12, 2020

Do you need to own a car to have a ride?

And the answer, of course, is no; there are better options even if not considering using public transport. 
When owning a car, you have a bunch of duties, responsibilities, and costs (see the table above). You have to manage car financing and insurance, service and repair, maintenance and cleaning, garage and parking, etc. Shared mobility services like car share, car rental, city car schemes, and taxi ride-share are the viable options which allow you to avoid car ownership. 
Shared mobility also significantly decreases the number of cars on road and cuts GHG emissions from the transport sector.
According to SFMCON (Denmark), 70% of households in the municipality of Copenhagen live without car ownership. They are relying on shared mobility services plus their own bicycles - there are 4.3 times as many bicycles than cars owned by the citizens of Copenhagen.