Sunday, January 5, 2020

Corporate sourcing of renewable electricity is seen in more than 75 countries

IRENA reviewed over 2 400 companies, identifying drivers, achievements and barriers, and providing recommendations to strengthen the momentum in corporate sourcing of renewables. Agency's report show that companies  consumed about 465 terawatt-hours (TWh) of renewable electricity in 2017.
About 200 companies reported that more than half of the electricity they consumed was sourced from renewables; 50 companies reported a share of 100%. 
Corporate sourcing takes place either through power purchase  agreements, utility green procurement programmes and/or the purchase of unbundled renewable energy attribute certificates
Currently approximately one in five corporations has committed to renewable electricity targets, however the opportunity exists to strengthen these targets and ambitions throughout policy adjustments which can stimulate a rapid scale-up of corporate sourcing activities, indicating the significant potential to grow the market in the years to come.