Friday, October 21, 2016

Global EVs sales have risen nine-fold over last 5 years, while price of battery packs fell 65%

Costs of lithium-ion battery packs used in EVs fell 65 percent over the period 2010–15 – down to $350/kWh, and continue to drop. It happens faster than was expected because economy of scale, improvements in battery chemistry and better battery management systems.
Experts forecast the further price drop below $100/kWh in the next decade, and possible fall as low as $50/kWh– $60/kWh in the longer term. This progress will make private EVs competitive with comparable internal combustion engine vehicles by the mid-2020s on a total cost of ownership basis. Read more at

Despite fast growth, share of EVs is still as low as around 0.5% of annual global cars sales.  And global electric car park today is 1.26 million, or 0.1% of cars on world's roads now, what means just 1 electric car per 1000 cars.