Friday, March 4, 2016

Successful international launch of unique home energy monitoring system by Ukrainian inventors

Startup company Ecoisme, founded by young Ukrainian inventor Ivan Pasichnyk and his friends, recently  presented  at Indiegogo and CNET (watch also the video ) a new intelligent energy-tracking smart plug, which can monitor all of the electronic devices in your home. The sensor detects all of your appliances, monitors the energy being spent and displays the costs on your Android or i OS smart phone. 
Ecoisme relies on spectrum analysis, a technology that's supposed to pick up on "noise" in the electrical network and use that not only to distinguish between your TV and your laptop, but also between brands within the same product category. In addition to giving you a wide-angle view of your home electrical usage complete with money-saving tips, Ecoisme is also supposed to issue alerts when something seems awry. Read more at