Monday, March 28, 2016

Researchers about Russia’s energy strategy to 2030

Currently about 30% of Europe’s natural gas being supplied by Russia. In its interview with researchers Tatiana Romanova and Jean Monnet,   Natural Gas Europe  asked questions regarding Russia’s energy strategy for the next 15-20 years. Among country's key priorities in energy area for the period up to 20130, following were emphasized by researchers: 

- maintaining stable energy supplies both internally and to its external markets and providing a 10% share of global oil trade and 20% of natural gas
- ambitious modernization programme to ensure economic and energy efficiency, as well as sustainability of energy sector
- full liberalization of its electricity, coal and oil sectors
- reduction of economic dependence on energy from 30% now to 18% of GDP by 2030
- faster access to the Asian energy markets, with the target of up to 30% penetration by 2035 while maintaining gas exports to Europe
- increase of LNG exports to 80-90bn m³/year by 2030.