Friday, December 11, 2015

More than 38,000 delegates had registered in Paris for the COP21 climate talks

A provisional list of participants at the UNFCCC COP21 includes delegates who represent countries, UN agencies, charities, campaign groups, universities, companies and media organisations. According to this list, there are around 15,000 participants here on behalf of a particular country/party, 638 participants from 36 UN bodies, 453 people from 20 “specialised agencies”, and 1,226 participants from 71 intergovernmental organisations. Over 7,000 participants represent non-governmental organisations and 3,704 - medias.
In addition, there are roughly another 8,000 people here to represent their countries as a “party overflow”. The largest delegations are from the next year’s COP host Morocco – weighing in with 439 participants, closely followed by Guinea with 398 and then France with 395. The smallest delegations are, unsurprisingly, mostly small states and island groups, such as San Marino (6 participants), Niue (5) and Trinidad and Tobago (3). Read more at