Monday, May 2, 2016

2015 was a record global growth year for both wind and solar power

According to Bloomberg, renewable energy has attracted in 2015 twice as much global investment as fossil fuels. As a result, renewable generation capacity increased by 152 gigawatts (GW) or 8.3% during 2015. Wind power grew 63 GW (17%) driven by declines in onshore turbine prices of up to 45% since 2010. Solar capacity increased 47 GW (26%) thanks to price drops of up to 80% for solar photovoltaic modules in the same time period.
Hydropower capacity increased by 35 GW (3%), while both bioenergy and geothermal energy capacity increased 5% each (5 GW and 1 GW respectively).
At the end of 2015 wind and solar have reached an installed capacity of 432 GW and 227 GW respectively. Other renewables included 104 GW of bioenergy, 13 GW of geothermal energy and about 500 MW of marine energy.  Read more at