Monday, January 11, 2016

Release of the latest version of C-ROADS climate policy simulator

A new version of the C-ROADS enables the examination of the long-term impacts of national and regional greenhouse gas emissions reductions, including an assessment of the national contributions (INDCs) to the Paris climate talks, and more.
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The Climate Rapid Overview And Decision-support Simulator (C-ROADS) is able to provide a transparent, accessible, real-time decision-support that uses the insights of more complex models. The simulator helps decision makers improve their understanding of the planetary system’s responses to changes in greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2 from fossil fuel use, emissions from land use practices, and changes in other greenhouse gasses. The simulator has been used in strategic planning sessions for decision-makers from government, business and civil society and in interactive role-playing policy exercises. C-ROADS was developed by Climate Interactive, the MIT System Dynamics Group, and Ventana Systems. Read more at